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Whether you’re setting sail into the world of yachting, already navigating its waters, or preparing to dock after a rewarding career at sea, Yachties of Australia is your ultimate destination for all things yachting. Established by a yachting industry veteran with first-hand knowledge, we offer a comprehensive library of guides and resources to equip you with the knowledge and support you need to thrive in the yachting industry. View our list of guides below to learn how to become a yachtie.

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Yachting FAQs

Why Yachting

 “I was paid a million dollars a year while working on yachts…” – Tom Leese, yacht crew for over 7 years.
The superyacht industry is a work hard play hard environment that can take you around the world while paying you well to do so. It’s an industry that will have you saying every day “is this real”. You will develop your professional skills and personality in ways that you never thought were possible and the number of opportunities that will present themselves along the way will be endless.
You will lose count of all the places you visit, the unimaginable experiences you will have, the stories, friendships and relationships, and the memories that yachting will create every day and this is why everyone earns a million dollars a year in yachting…

What is a "Yachtie"

“Yachtie” is the name used for a person that works in the superyacht industry. A yachtie generally falls under one or two of the four departments that make up the staff (crew) that run the multimillion dollar boats for the super-rich and famous.
These four departments are Deck, Interior, Galley, and Engineering which require completely different skills, experience and qualifications but, in the end, they work as a team to provide the highest standard of service and fun to the vessel’s guests around the world.

How to become a yachtie

To start your career and become a Yachtie, simply click on Life Before Yachting where you will find a step by step guide and information.

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