Olivia moved overseas in 2023 to join the yachting industry after spending some time in the Australian yachting scene as a yacht stewardess. Here is her awesome advice and thoughts on the differences between the two.


Where did you start yachting in Australia and where did you start overseas?

I joined my first yacht in Gold Coast, Australia and then I joined my first big yacht in Palma, Spain when I headed overseas.


How did you find your first stewardess job overseas vs in Australia?

I first flew to Antibes (the greenie yachting hub) where I stayed at a crew house. Pretty much everyone in Antibes were also greenies looking for work or daywork to get their foot in the industry. I landed my first job through a crew agency who put my resume forward (important to reach out to agencies instead of relying solely on Yotspot or Facebook groups!).

In Australia I got my first job just through applying to different charter yachts. I ended up getting a job on a fleet of boats where I got to experience three different vessels.


What are the major differences between Australian yachting and yachting overseas as a stewardess?

I definitely think the standards are higher outside of Australia. I started out on three different Australian yachts before joining one in the med, and it honestly couldn’t have been more different to what I was used to/expected. Some main differences I have found:

Safety is emphasised on bigger yachts in the med.

We take the safety side of things a lot more seriously and do frequent drills led by our Chief Officer or Captain, it is important that all crew know how to handle any emergency situation. In Australia, we rarely ever did drills or safety related practice. This was surprising as I have experienced incidents on my previous yachts, in Australia, and there was less training for the situations.

Qualifications and courses.

These have much more of an influence on your first job. Before I left Australia, I did not have my STCW, Food & Hygiene, PDSD, WSET etc because the boats I was working on did not require it. Overseas, you cannot find a yachting job without these qualifications as a minimum.

Explore countless countries.

You do not have the physical constraint of being so far away from everything! When you are in the med, you can literally go through several countries in one day and explore much more than you can when you’re in Australia.


In Australia, the charter yachts I worked on would be docked every night, therefore, living close to the yachts, I was able to go home every night (as well as the other crew). It meant that our personal life and work life were still kept at a distance. However, it is so much more fun getting to work and live simultaneously with your crew (don’t get me wrong it has its challenges) but you are all so close & get to experience some real teamwork.


What are some highlights so far being a yachtie?

Definitely meeting people from all corners of the world! Working alongside likeminded people from different cultures/ethnicities is so fun. Working hard as a team to all reap the benefits of happy guests (and hopefully a good tip).

Being able to explore different countries that we visit. Whether it is a random dock in Italy where we will stay for weeks before our next boss trip or charter, you get to explore it all with your crew. It’s a perfect combination between hot spots that everyone wants to visit, and random places you’ve never heard of that you wouldn’t necessarily go out of your way to visit on your ‘euro holiday’.


Would you recommend one over the other and if so, why?

I would definitely branch out and try yachting abroad. You get to experience so many different things that you usually wouldn’t get to in Australia. You get to tick many countries off your bucket list, and maybe even go world travelling. Yachting outside of Australia gives you more options, such as if you don’t like a particular boat or are chasing something a little different, you have the options and accessibility of finding a well-suited gig. The yachting industry is so big but also so small. You meet so many other yachties & make lifelong friends.


Do you have any tips (do’s and don’ts) for green yachties starting out in either Australia or overseas?

DO – Go to a yachtie hub whether it’s in Antibes, Palma, etc. While this may not be the only way you get your job, one of my favourite experiences was meeting all the other greenies in similar situations and circumstances in Antibes. It can be so overwhelming at the time seeing all the competition and everyone searching for similar jobs, but stay positive & actually get to network with everyone that you’re meeting. A lot of job opportunities will also come from people that you meet/know in the industry. From Antibes, I made a bunch of friends from around the world that have now joined other yachts & we still keep in touch.

DO – Let your skills be known & aim for improvements whether it’s through courses or actual experience. Yachts value those who have a range of skills even different to the typical ones that apply to the job (housekeeping, service, laundry). Things like floristry, graphic design, cocktail knowledge, etc are also very very relevant & helpful.

DONT – Expect to find your first dream job as soon as you leave. This also ties in with don’t take the first opportunity you are given. As a green yachtie it’s hard not to take the first gig that comes your way due to all the competition, but it’s so important to be picky and choose a job that will actually suit you and allow you to grow.


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