Zach, the Aussie Deckhand joined his first Mediterranean yacht in 2023 after spending a few years in yachting through out New Zealand, Australia and Indo. 


When did you join your first yacht?

I started my first yacht job in early 2019.


Where did you start in Australia and where did you start overseas?

I actually started in Auckland, New Zealand where I spent a month and then sailed across to Sydney where I spent another 4 to 5 months travelling across the east coast of Australia and up north to Darwin.


How did you find your first job overseas vs in Australia?

In Australia, I was very lucky to find my first yacht job through a friend that recommended me. Finding a job overseas (for me it was the Mediterranean) was a little bit hard at first. I tried many different online agencies, Facebook pages and constantly applying for jobs, dock walking, and it took me a little bit over a month to find a job whilst I was already in France.


What are the major differences between Australian yachting and yachting overseas?

There are massive differences between Yachting in Australia and overseas. I feel that the industry in Australia has basically just started and there isn’t as much to offer comparing it to overseas. The Yachting industry overseas is more professional, and you gain a lot more experience within travelling from country to country. The work ethic and the standards are a lot higher overseas which builds you to become a better seafarer and to become more passionate about your work.


What are some highlights so far?

I have only been in the overseas industry for four months now, and I already have so many highlights, so far, I’ve been able to experience five different countries and been given days off where I can go explore, see the towns, have fun nights out with the crew and immerse myself into different cultures.


Would you recommend one over the other and if so, why?

I would definitely take the Overseas option as I have only experienced a small portion of the Mediterranean, there is so much more to see, and I haven’t even started with central America yet. The Australian yachting industry is slowly growing, but when comparing it to overseas it’s an easy answer


Do you have any tips (do’s and don’ts) for greenies starting out in either Australia or overseas?

My tip, as a green deckhand, would be to take pretty much any job that comes your way just to get your foot in the door. I remember taking my first yacht job at a very low salary package where I stayed on for a year and a half which helped me to learn a lot and land the job I have now.


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